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CHINARTE / Yongnian Portugal is a Chinese Martial Arts School that spreads out and promotes the teaching of Traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. We develop a High Quality Teaching and our main aim is your personal and professional enrichment.

CHINARTE is the result of a life dream of the International Master Nelson Barroso, who has dedicated more than 30 years of his life to the Martial Arts' Study, Practice and Teaching. Master Nelson Barroso is a direct Disciple of Great Master Fu Sheng Yuan, who, nowadays, represents the Yang Tai Chi Traditional School, son of the Great Master Fu Zhong Wen, who established the World Yong Nian Federation to spread out the Authentic and Original Yang Tai Chi through the entire world.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Another excellent Course Authentic Tai Chi Chuan headed by Great Master Fu Sheng Yuan and his son Master Fu Qing Quan . As usual , Grandmaster Fu Sheng Yuan gave all students with their cheerfulness and joy of living . 85 years old , lived intensely , with immense practice of Tai Chi , present soundness and robustness of the postures and techniques of true and authentic Tai Chi Chuan . It is thanks to these Masters who can access and experience the tradition, essence and mystique of Art . Our thanks to Grandmaster Fu Sheng Yuan and Master Fu Qing Quan the sharing and transfer of knowledge and the Authentic One, True Tai Chi Chuan . " Never forget the Source from where the water you drink today " ( Fu Zhong Wen )

Friday, October 11, 2013




Participants of Portugal:
Master Nelson Barroso

Monday, December 10, 2012

In December 2012, the Yongnian Portugal promoted successfully plus an International Seminary of Tai Chi of the Yang family. This Seminary counted the presence of responsible the maximum for the modality, the Great Master Fu Sheng Yuan and his son the Master Fu Qing Quan.
Beyond these Masters the representatives of the Yang family of Portugal and Spain had also been gifts, the Master Nelson Barroso and the Master Jose Gago respectively.
To all the participants and the Masters ours thanks a lot for becoming possible the organization of an event of this spread.

Monday, November 26, 2012

International Seminar of  Yang Tai Chi family
 Lisbon, 01 and 02 of December, 2012

 With Great Master Fu Sheng Yuan and Master Fu Qing Quan
  • Great Master Fu Sheng Yuan and the Master Fu Qing Quan represent the “Authentic Tai Chi of Yang family.

Come to Portugal !

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


From September 2011 to January 2012

with Great Master Fu Sheng Yuan and Master Fu Qing Quan

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TAI CHI in CHINA and JAPAN - May 2011


Tai Chi Special Memories from China and Japan
By Diana Roque

I have started some years ago my training in Authentic Yang Tai Chi ( In Portugal we are quite privileged since we have a great representative of this Tai Chi Traditional Style, namely, Nelson Barroso ( Every year, since 2006 I have been several times in China for training with Great Master Fu Sheng Yuan and Master Fu Qin Quan, a quite enriching experience; however this last trip to China was one of the most remarkable. Three weeks of intensive Tai Chi Training that I will never forget.

This wonderful experience began in Weihai (China), a beautiful old city that has been rebuilt and modernized in the last years and is located in the eastern Shandong province of People's Republic of China. It is the eastern most prefecture-level city of the province and a major seaport. Weihai borders are Yantai to the west and the Yellow Sea to the east. South Corea is half a day of navigation of this city. Along one week we were in a Weihai Resort, place where one of the most important Tai Chi Events promoted by Beijing Wushu Association was held from the 21tth to the 26th of May 2011. Master Fu Qing Quan was one of the ten top Tai Chi China Masters invited by the organization to accomplish a six days intensive course of Authentic Yang Tai Chi. Once more I could see and confirm that Yang Tai Chi is indeed the most practiced Tai Chi style in China, among the modern and traditional Tai Chi styles. Master Fu Qing Quan was representing the Traditional Yang Tai Chi School and his class had the bigger group of participants, over than 60 people, and was the only group with foreigner members, respectively, myself and Master Nelson Barroso from Portugal and Kevin and Damon from Australia. The work level of Tai Chi performance was very high and the interchange of cultural experiences was extremely interesting. Even without speaking Chinese we can easily communicate with local people, Tai Chi has its own universal way of expression and Master Fu Qing Quan dominates perfectly the English language.

In the second week of this journey, I have returned to Shanghai to start an exclusive Authentic Yang Tai Chi Course with Great Master Fu Sheng Yuan and his son, Master Fu Qing Quan that was developed, from the 27th of May to the 2d of June 2011. Once again, a hard week of Tai Chi study and work. Every day early in the morning till 5.00 p.m we had an intensive training and every night we could enjoy and appreciate the charm and beauty of Shanghai, one of the most cosmopolitan cities of all the world, where modernity and tradition are confronted in a natural way. On this journey I have to remark the inauguration ceremony of Fu Qing Quan Tai Chi Academy, the Great Master Fu Sheng Yuan disciples’ ceremony that took place the 2d of June and where my friend Andrew from Tasmania (Australia) were initiated as disciple and the visit to the Nanjing Road Gymnasium of Master Fu Qing Quan and the closure party and dinner of the 4th Shanghai World Yong nian Tai Chi International Course with certificates delivery.

The last week was undoubtedly the most surprising experience of this trip. In the last moment I decided that I would go to another Authentic Tai Chi Workshop and International Tai Chi Festival that were associated with the 1st World International Conference of World Yongnian Tai Chi Federation. This event was held in Yokoama, Japan from the 3rd to the 6th of June 2011. So, there I was suddenly flying to Tokyo, however, I must admit, with some reservations, considering the last events of March 2011 associated with the big earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster. Though, my first insight after arriving to Japanese land erased any of my concerns. I must say and testimony that Japan is a beautiful modern and traditional country from which all the world has a lot to learn. Japanese people are absolutely fantastic, well educated, polite… an utmost example to follow in several ways. The big Tai Chi event was held in a countryside city, Kavasaka nearby Yokoama that is 20 minutes subway from Tokyo downtown.

The Tai Workshop was crowded; hundreds of Yang Tai Chi’s Japanese students and athletes were performing in the last day festival. The Vice Prime Minister of Japan was present in this amazing event and the overseas representatives, among whom was the Portuguese team, were quite well received by the Japanese organization, which was of Master Mishilo responsibility, a great Karate Master that his at the present moment a student of Master Fu Qing Quan, since in the last years has been deeply studying as well deeply Authentic Yang Tai Chi.

The Japanese Tai Chi event impressed me in several ways and I am wishing to come back to Japan to know more about Japanese culture. I remember the words of Henry, a Tai Chi friend from Hong Kong that has travelled a lot worldwide, saying to me “Japanese Islands had nothing, so this country has used the best of it, its own people. From nothing they built an impressive modern country, keeping all their traditions in a peculiar way as I never saw anywhere in the world.”. Well, I must confirm by my own experience that indeed all of us, we have a lot to learn from Japanese Culture. They may have nowadays a huge nuclear problem, but we didn’t feel it, the sea and rivers waters are clean, the sky is blue and bright and we breath fresh air. In the crowded streets people are so organized that it seems as they weren’t crowded. I began to like Japanese traditional food; if you really want to taste sushi and good sake you should do it in Japan, just like Chinese food should only be tasted in China. Finally, the last day arrived and sadly we had to come back, if I could I would stay at least one week more but times run and we have returned to Shanghai.

Last day in Shanghai and once more with Great Master Fu Sheng Yuan and his Family; we were invited for a farewell dinner by Master Fu Qing Quan and one of his new disciples in a wonderful seafood restaurant. That night was going to take place a new disciple’s ceremony, a traditional event that means a lot for an Authentic Tai Chi Student.

Hoping to return soon to eastern lands, I will continue my writings to remember and keep safe all my special memories.

Coimbra (Portugal), 12 June 2011

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yongnian Portugal' Instructors Course

It was held on the 7th and 8th of March 2011 a Authentic Yang Tai Chi Course that had as aim to promote the Portuguese Instructors development in the sutdy of Traditional Yang Tai Chi Chuan Form, Fajing and Tui Shou practices, and as well to improve their Yang Tai Chi Jien performance(Yang Sword form - 51 movements).

The course supervisor was as always Master Nelson Barroso, President of Portugal Yongnian.